Fine jewellery by designer Dean Davidson

Dean Davidson


Heather Benjamin

Fine jewelry by Margery Hirchey

Margery Hirschey


gold and gemstone bracelets by Page Sargisson an Angela Leslie represented designer

Page Sargisson

Rosanne Pugliese


Angela Leslie represented designer Victoria Deny stacked bangles

Victoria Deny


ANGELA LESLIE AGENCY is an independent sales agency/showroom in NW London specialising in accessories. Exclusively launching and managing designer labels and their growth into international markets. Collections may be viewed by scheduling an appointment through the contact page.

In 1998 there wasn’t much to get excited about in the retail world and certainly not in accessories. The stores were awash with head to toe black and the accessories offer was equally bleak and minimal. On frequent trips to the USA, Angie saw first hand how a new generation of emerging designers were creating excitement and innovation in the accessories category. Many of these young talents have since developed and become iconic, familiar names in major department stores and boutiques internationally.

Sensing this sea change, Angie started her agency to bring these new designers to the UK and beyond. Angie has consistently scouted and launched NEW talent and their work/ labels, into the UK, EU, Middle and Far East markets – many of whom are now bold face, recognisable names with their own flagship stores. With years of experience, Angie is Ideally located in central London to interface with markets in the EU, Middle and Far East, and with suppliers on both the East and West coast of the United States.